Thursday, February 2, 2012

Floweringnose Day 2012 continues

Last year on Seth's birthday, the indefatigable J(ay), having put out a call for sketchcards of the Flowering Nose, sent us a big packet of cards, each one with a little different take on the character and form of this website's eponymous creation.  This year on Floweringnose Day, he sent us another packet of sketchcards.
I am impressed with how much energy strangers put into these cards.
I am not sure I would do the same for a project about the art of someone I did not already have an interest in.

But it is the energy and heart of Jay, who brainstormed the idea, poked and prodded artists to make them, traded his own cards, and in many cases, shelled out his own hard-earned cash in order to have a nice array to send to us--that is the real force behind this collection.  Thank you Jay.

The right hand black and white image is the final page of a nice little color-cover sketchbook by Cory Walker. 

There is also a charming two-inch high string doll with green face, hands, and feet, a flower in the middle of his face, and a blue cape.  Where else would we get a real Floweringnose doll?
The Floweringnose lives on.

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j_ay said...

Three cheers for the Flowering Nose!