Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Seth's birthday today

Today is 39 years from the day Seth was born.  It's also ComicCon time in San Diego.  And his wife and son just arrived from Japan yesterday evening.  So it's a Seth day in our house!

And just in time for this day, comes from good friend to the blog J(ay), a stack of sketchcards, drawn by a variety of different artists, all different takes on the Flowering Nose.  What a gift, one that took a year or so to put together!   There are 41 of the cards.  Forty-one!   Not being good at organizational things myself, putting together something like this seems like almost an impossibility to me.  But you did it Jay, out of love for Seth's art, and warmth toward his family. 
Here is an assortment of cards, in no particular order:
Many of them also include a slug, or even a snail. 
Many of the sketchcard makers are familiar with the Flowering Nose game, and got his cape, his colors, and occasional fields of flowers. 

To everyone who contributed, thank you so very much.  Seth's take on life was goofy, charming, and filled with a combination of loving and working hard.  That his birthday should bring a gift so much in the same spirit shows me that his spirit is still here.  Wow.


Josh Blair said...

I hope everyone is doing well.

j_ay said...

Look at those eyelashes on baby Tofu!
Sweet photo!

Fantastic to hear that the family is visiting.

3 cheers for Seth!