Thursday, June 2, 2011

Willworld has been re-released

It looks like Willworld has come out again, in a $7.99 edition, as of May 23 or so.  And because of that, Seth is again getting some attention on comic book blogs such as this one, and this one
Willworld's pages bubble over with creative ideas, from the expressive borders around the frames, to the many quirky throwaway characters
to the fabulous architecture and machinery.
It has enough creativity flowing through its ink and cellulose veins to make several dozen comic books, I think.  I am amazed every time I go through it.  I am glad that a new group of comic book readers will be able to savor its delights, people to whom the $20 for the original was too big an expense.   


Josh Blair said...

That is a most excellent comic. I, too, am glad new readers can discover Seth's amazing artwork.

M. DeLeRee said...

Thanks for the heads up.

Scouring the internets now for a copy (c: