Monday, February 6, 2012

still thinking about Seth

Once or twice a year I search for Seth Fisher on Bing (I use Bing rather than Google because of their fabulous photos with the supersaturated color), wondering if comic book art fans still think of him.  Last night I did that search and found a great column written by Sean Witzke, which I am going to give the link to right here.   Sean thinks that Seth's work has become something that young artists try to learn from, just as Seth did with Otomo and Moebius.  The column is worth reading.


Anonymous said...

I still think about him. I never knew him, but I was a big fan of his art and was really bummed out about his death. I found this website a few years ago and poured over the archive and shared it with some close friends. You've done a wonderful thing, Vicki, and you should be proud.

I've been going through some real tough stuff lately, the kind of depression that gets so dark that you don't even know if you want to get out of it, but your son's art and the love that you've demonstrated for him makes me happy. Thanks.

Vicki said...

When Seth died I had to do SOMETHING with his wonderful art and his love for life. So I do these things and I wonder if any of it makes any difference, and then from time to time someone I don't know says that it does. Thank you.