Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Here is the page from yesterday. in which Steve, the American photographer sees Maki, the high school girl who fascinates him, all dressed up to go to a concert. Maki, in turn, is infatuated with the leader of the band they are going to see. We see her dressed in what she calls "visual kei" style, a version of Cosplay--dressing up in a sort of Goth Lolita style, a combination of babygirl cute and dangerously sexy.

Here are some photos of girls dressed in a similar style in Tokyo's Harajuku Park.
emphasis on the cute
and on the sexy.
Seth's design for Maki's outfit is more like the lower one, with her black platform shoes and short dress, but with enough little girl elements to give it a more quirky and less on-the-prowl look.
He has given her a grand entrance. She emerges centered in her almost square frame, with the flat wall behind her, the incongruous men's and women's bathroom icons flanking her just at wing level. He has used the elements of an ordinary scene--a public restroom where she changed her clothes--as a sort of stage set to make Maki stand out as the star that she wants to be.

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