Monday, September 13, 2010

SugiPOP!: Anime, Manga, Comics and Their Influence on Contemporary Art

The Portsmouth Museum of Art in Portsmouth, New Hampshire has an upcoming exhibition called SugiPOP! Anime, Manga, Comics, and Their Influence on Contemporary Art. They asked to borrow a few pages from Seth's Vertigo Pop Tokyo series for the exhibition.
Pictured here is one of the pages that I am sending them, featuring Maki, the brazen, fame-seeking high school girl who is the central figure of this story. I'll write a little more about this page in another post.

The curator who wrote to ask about borrowing some of Seth's art said the following: Seth Fisher's Vertigo Pop Tokyo is an important American comic inspired by Japanese traditions, and as such, tells an important story about the history of these popular art forms. Seth's legacy lives on in his creations, and our exhibition would benefit immensely to include his chapter in comic history.

I am always surprised and gratified when people outside the comic book world know about Seth's work. I myself would not know about it, except that Seth is my son. But his Japanese connection coincided with a surge in American interest in Japanese pop culture, and Japanese infatuation with American pop culture. The American and the Japanese pop art visions have influenced each other to the extent that a new genre is emerging. And so now a mainstream art museum in the conservative Northeast is showcasing the blending of culture. And we get to be part of it.

Watch for more information on this!


David Ryan said...

Sounds interesting! Thanks for the heads up, Vicki!

And thanks for the continued blogging from a frequent visitor/not so frequent commenter.

j_ay said...

Really great to hear more and more people are getting exposed to Seth's work.
Hopefully the exhibit stocks some copies of (at least) the Tokio Pop trade paperback...