Saturday, August 14, 2010

More from the archives of Myst 3 sketches

These two sketches from the tower at J'Nanin show Seth's understanding of architecture and of Art Nouveau architecture in particular. Art Nouveau was not just a matter of curving forms instead of right angles; it features stylized plant forms, balance, and proportion. The harmony between white space and busyness is a one of its hallmarks. Too much blank space and you have something that looks like a grain silo; too much busyness and you have Los Vegas for the eyes.
Good proportion makes your eyes happy: they want to just feast on the vision.

Both the sketches are views of the tower that is shown here in its final form. Like an architect Seth imagined and drew out even most of the hardware. My husband and I have done some home remodeling, and I know that there are some elements that I for one can ignore forever. And then I find that I have to make a decision about something I had never noticed before: "Do you want those hinges to be brass or stainless steel? --gloss or matte finish? --three screws or two?" But here they are--imagined in nearly all their detail in Seth's sketches.
I suppose that is what concept artists are paid to do. And it suited Seth's vision to imagine the detail work.

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Vicki said...

Jay, I think I deleted your comment by accident. You said it was great to see new Seth drawings. I know the feeling. When I find a photo of Seth that I had never seen before, my heart leaps.