Friday, May 1, 2009

Doom Patrol sketch, issue 13 page 21

After talking at other times about how rare it was for Seth to use black in his work, I see that in his work on Doom Patrol he actually used it quite frequently. In fact, on this page, one of the differences between the sketch and the final is the amount of black background he put into the page. Three of the four panels on this page have a solid black background.
It seems to have been an anomaly though. He was not afraid of--in fact he relished the idea of--using a different style for every book he did. So the black backgrounds are part of his Doom Patrol style.
Once again, I am astonished at how carefully he worked out the page in the sketch, and how little he deviated from it. Even the details of the Chief's workroom are nearly the same from the sketch to the final drawing. In the final the flooring is slightly more decorative, a lamp is taken away, the black items are removed, but that's pretty much all.

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