Thursday, April 30, 2009

Doom Patrol sketch, issue 13 page 15

I wish I could show you these two images side by side. Blogger doesn't let me post two images exactly next to each other, or at least I don't know how to do it. But it is nice to be able to compare the two easily.
Let's look at the center frame. Seth included there all the floor panels--a rather elegant version of an old-style checkerboard floor. In the final, instead of the heavily foreshortened floor he put in an elaborate control panel with Robotman at the controls, but eliminated the wiring around the top of that panel. In the sketch we have a sense of the size and feel of the room they are standing in. In the final we are more overwhelmed by the TV monitor on the one hand, and the amount and complexity of electronic gear on the other. So Seth has subtly manipulated the reader's perception of the kind of situation the team is in. In the final the huge TV monitor looming over their heads with the three malevolent faces shown on it is quite striking, especially as it is dominated by the visible brain in the center. So instead of a view of the beautiful floor--attractive but not informative--we get a feel for the situation.
One word about the oblique frame at the bottom. The one in the sketch seems very effective, off kilter as it is, with just the shocked faces of the team showing in it. (With Beast Boy as a llama. Seth's first official artistic enterprise was called "A Better Lllama Graphics", which gave him a special affinity for llamas) The bottom frame in the final is even more effective, I think, with the face of the hapless Shyleen in the Chief's body needing a special divot broken out for her/him, and even then, just barely visible.

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j_ay said...

These sketch/page comparisons are amazing!