Monday, May 4, 2009

Doom Patrol sketch issue 13 page 4

I posted this page a little while ago, but now that I have the sketch, it's worth seeing it again alongside the final.

Noticing the slight change in the appearance of Robotman from the sketch to the final, I assumed that the final was built to look as Robotman "always" looks. So I did a tiny bit of research and found some images from some original Doom Patrol comic books. It turns out that Seth has designed Robotman in his own way.

Even the cover of this issue, drawn by, I think, Billy Tan, has Robotman with human-type biceps and a superhero look. Seth has reinvented him as a real robot, with only a robot's facial expressions, metal arms, and joints that clearly do not have a human being inside.

Here is the cover of issue 13.
And here he is with Larry (Negative Man) and Rita (Elasti Girl) from 1963, drawn as a guy in a brass colored robot suit.

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