Thursday, May 21, 2009

Doom Patrol again, issue 13 page 6

I haven't posted this page from Doom Patrol before because I thought maybe it was a little dull. But in fact, its repetitiveness is its elegance. We are looking at the same room from the same point of view in every frame except the next to last, and that one is just moved a skoch to the left, and pinpointed by the circle around it. Only the activity in the room changes, like frames for an animated cartoon, or a flip book. We can see that in the sketch he did for this page, he only drew one image, the interior of the room. He was going to repeat it each time. As I look closely at the frames I can see that they are not copies of each other. He actually did redraw each one, though he probably used one master image and a light table to make sure they were uniform.
The sameness of the scenes makes the actions of the characters stand out. We notice every small movement of these bickering flatmates as they get up one morning. I especially like Vic, just waking up from his sleep on the couch, his sleepiness showing in every pose, as well as in the sum of them.
The circle around Ted's face and the jewelry box reminds me of the magnifying glass of some storybook detective, zooming in on a clue.


j_ay said...

"Dull" and "Seth" can simply NEVER be used in the same sentence.

Vicki said...

Of course you are right Jay. When you think it might be considered dull, it's time to look again.