Wednesday, May 20, 2009

EGGWORLD: Seth's pinball game

Seth loved to make things. I don't know exactly how this first came about, but one day he bought an old pinball machine. The first photo shows how it looked when he first got it (though he had already started painting the sides blue by the time he took the photo).
He was always amused by eggs; they have so much potential to be characters. And the idea of the payoff being egg salad just seemed apt and just. So he worked on this thing for probably the better part of a year, on and off. The second photo shows the play area finished: a Sethish combination of elegance and goofiness.
The year he worked on it was either the time he was working for Presto designing Myst 3, or the following year, when he was working on Willworld--he was living in San Diego in any case. The photo to the left is the finished game. The summer of its completion(maybe 2001), it was shown in a gallery that had an exhibition of comic book based art (during Comic Con, of course). After that it sat in our garage for what seemed like a long time. When Seth was going to move to Japan he promised us that he would find a home for it. He ended up selling it to the owner of an art gallery in Los Angeles, a Chinese guy. In appreciation the gallery owner sent us a box of Chinese sweet buns. So we got garage space back and a box of sweets in the bargain.

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Frans Boukas said...

That is too cool! What a great project to work on, also I love eggs.