Friday, May 22, 2009

Doom Patrol 13, page 7

Here's the page after the one I posted yesterday.
In the top frame we are looking out from the inside of the jewelry box they just found at everyone's curious faces, to highlight the importance in their lives of the discovery.
The next frame shows them all from above, an overview of what is happening. Then close-up, from below, of Cliff (Robotman) and his shock at finding this item from his long-ago life. Seth manages to make his face both robotlike and shocked, his fingers robotlike and graceful.
The final frame, from outside the window, shows again (we have seen the decrepit outside of the building twice in earlier pages) the outside of the apartment building where they live. We are reminded that it's a seedy area of town, and these are probably not the people we would choose to be in charge of saving us from the destructive forces of some powerful and malevolent enemy. But they turn out to be the ones we've got.

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