Monday, April 13, 2009

We're back, kind of

We are home from a drive to the Grand Canyon, a wonderland of color, majesty, and surprise.
When we got back, I turned the computer on and kept getting black screens with start-up messages on them. Hmmm. My husband tried too, but got the same.

Well, the short version is that it turns out that our hard drive was (is) absolutely FULL! No room even to move anything around. Somehow the entire contents of Seth's hard drive had gotten added to ours--and his was full too. And all our pictures. And lots of duplication, I'm afraid. So now we have to take some of the stuff off somehow.

All my pictures are on that computer too.

So I hope our local gurus will be able to things around so that we have some space. But in any case it will be another few days before I'll be able to post any more of Seth's artwork.

But in the meantime, I'll post this picture.
When Seth died, three of his closest friends flew to Japan for his funeral: Langdon Foss, Seth's boss from Presto (and fellow artist) Phil Saunders, and Phil's wife Anne, who went to high school with Seth. Phil drew this stunning sketch of Seth to put in the coffin (but had the foresight to make a few copies). He caught Seth perfectly, not only his style, but his looks too. It is Seth from Presto days, sitting at his drawing table wearing shorts and fluorescent green sandals and smiling his huge gap-toothed grin, with ideas pouring out of his brain.


Frans Boukas said...

I'm sorry for all the recent computer troubles. But thank you for being as consistent as you are. Every post means a lot.

Gareth said...

What a great picture! He's a very talented cartoonist - as you say, he's captured Seth's essence.

Vicki said...

Gareth, Yes I was astonished at how accurately Phil got Seth, and in a very short time too. He is very talented, and cartoonning isn't even what he does: he's a designer. He designed the part of Myst 3 called Amateria (Here a thoughtful Myst fan tells what is good about Amateria and two other puzzles from the series: