Thursday, April 16, 2009

Doom Patrol 13 page 19

The computer with the pictures on it is still at the shop, but this page was posted by Tim Utsler on the Comic Art Fans website. Tim bought it from Seth himself, who signed it for him at the top.

I believe that Doom Patrol is the only series where Seth used broad swaths of black for something other than a night sky. On at least two pages in DP he used black paint to show a psychological state. In the upper panel on this page Robotman's anger is blistering out in the jagged black paintbrush strokes. Beast Boy is cowering in the face of his outburst of rage, Elasti-Lass (as she calls herself) holds her hands up against it, and Shyleen--who in the form of the Chief is the object of his anger--wrings her hands helplessly.

This is more or less the central page of this book. It needs to explain both who the bodies are that are inhabited by the folks we met earlier, and also show that the people inside the bodies have different characters than formerly. It is rather confusing unless you read it carefully, so the art must give as much information as possible on several levels. This Seth loved doing. In the center left panel, Robotman's head reflects the faces of the people he is talking to. It gives the impression that he is talking to these people, but also that they are in his mind. Three faces are reflected, the fourth, who is always off on his own, is also seen, but in the background. It seems to me a brilliant way of showing multiple facets of a multifaceted story.

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