Friday, April 3, 2009

Doom Patrol 13 page 5

I am posting this today, but after this I will be out of computer range probably until after Easter. See you then.

I think this is the page that one fan said expressed a sort of angst that he thought that maybe many readers could identify with. "Who's like me? Who knows how I feel?....I'm out of place here, out of sync." The speaker happens to be a man turned into a robot, but I suspect that a lot of folks feel that they too do work that is robot-like, or that their insides are hidden under a steely exterior, and nobody understands or cares who they really are.

Seth gave his Robotman human--not robot--body language, and an expressive face. Along with that are the bare tree, the spare background, and the upper panel in which the two characters' heads are cut off, all adding up to a scene of melancholy world-weariness between Robotman and the unnamed old man, who may know more than we think.

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