Monday, January 12, 2009

Seth in the dinosaur suit with his mom c. 1997

Hey, Jay. Here is the photo of Seth in the dino suit, the one the guy in Happydale wears all the time.
That's me with him; I was pretty happy because he was visiting from Japan. Lucky mom.

There is actually another picture of him in that suit, on this website. You can see it when you click on "Seth" on the front page, and scroll down to where it says "The Man". He is leaping up, or at least standing on one foot, with an orange in his mouth.


j_ay said...

Ha! Great photo! Thanks for digging that up. Always a pleasure to see Seth.
(the other photo is always treat too but I hadn't previously associated it with the dino suit)

Jon said...

It looks like He just got done playing "God-zee-ra attacks San Diego" outside and is ready to lay down for nap time. Great picture Vicki.