Monday, January 12, 2009

Rough drawings for "Freddy Wertham goes to Hell"

These are pages that Seth blocked out for a story by Joe Hill, who also wrote the Spiderman Unlimited vol 2 #8 story that was published in March of 2005 (just before Big in Japan). I think this was always intended as a collaboration between Seth and his best friend Langdon Foss. The two of them had wanted to collaborate on a story ever since they roomed together in college, but the opportunity never seemed to arise. Regardless of how it was planned, Seth introduced Langdon to Joe Hill, who became a fan of Langdon's art as well as Seth's. And then, when Seth died with the pages to this story only blocked in but not completed, Joe asked Langdon to finish them. So then, it was a collaboration, but not exactly the kind they wanted. It is odd how things work out: I think we often get what we want, but it doesn't come simple and clean. It comes with baggage that we didn't anticipate.

So this story has been finished for at least a couple of years, but has not yet been published. I thought it was going to be published last year, but I think the company was having problems, and may have folded.


j_ay said...

Wow, really nice to see Seth being so loose. Sketchy. Love it.
This is (hopefully not “was”) slated to be published in Grave Tales #6 (Cemetery Dance Press) which has been stated as “forthcoming” for over year now (with solicitation for issue 7 also).
It’s stated as “at the printer now”, but it’s also said that for some time.

I was discussing this with Langdon a year ago (almost to the day) and I doubt he’d mind me directly quoting him on this project, so:

“Seth did most of the layouts, then handed it to me to do pencils. We had intended for Seth to do the inks to sort of round it out in book endy fashion, but he died before he had the chance. So he never even saw this story completed... I haven't thought about that in a while.

I've always loved working from Seth's breakdowns. It's really liberating to have another artist make fundamental decisions that I probably wouldn't make. It's a great way to grow. I just wish we had done more together.”

Vicki said...

Thank you Jay. You are amazingly up on all the information about where Seth's work is published. I remember Langdon talking about it, but I didn't remember the details as you did.