Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Freddy Wertham roughs, pages 3 and 4

The finished drawings for these are on Langdon's website

These are the third and fourth pages of it, blocked in for Langdon to draw.

Page 3 seems to take place in a comic book art studio in hell, a place where there is a can of pencils in the foreground of the upper frame, and people sitting at drawing tables working in the background. Seth has put the action in the middle ground. Then the lower two frames have close-ups of faces. The left face is Freddy, who has lost part of the top of his head. The right one is the devil, I guess, smiling unpleasantly.

In page 4 some poor sap in what looks like a monk's robe is drawing away, with Lucifer showing him to Freddy. On the top right we have a close up of their two faces, with the devil's long fingernails prominently visible. The two lower panels have increasingly closer views of Freddy and Lucifer. It is interesting to me that the bottle of ink in the center panel is in front of, and about the same size as, Freddy. Is that an indication of its relative importance?

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