Friday, November 14, 2008

Willworld's denoument: page 93

As befits a page where the hero has undergone his testing, has passed, and is now coming back to earth as it were, this page has the look of a normal comic book. The frames are rectangular, the spaces between the frames are consistently the same width, and nothing is leaping from one frame to the other. It is in fact, one of the few pages in the book where that is true.

What I referred to as a lighthouse in an earlier posting appears here also with Hal emerging from it victoriously. I am looking at the color book too, and I now realize that it is in fact The Green Lantern. I had forgotten that was his schtick.

So now, like Luke Skywalker in the first Star Wars movie, and unlike such lone rangers as Batman and Spiderman, Hal is clearly seen as one of a corps of knights, part of an army, and not someone whose power depends on some mutation or personal accident. Hal is not on his own. Also like Luke Skywalker, some of his fellow Green Lanterns are human and some are something else. I don't know how much of this information is Seth's take on it, and how much is part of the general background for Green Lantern. But Seth has designed the architecture, the faces of the overseers that we see here and on page 66 and 67, and the faces of the nonhuman knights. Even the throwaway details of architecture have the look of someplace that we could visit and find out more about if only we could go behind where they are standing...

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