Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Climax of Willworld: page 92

I think I have posted this rather spectacular page a couple of times already in different contexts. I apologize for repeating things. But after posting the pages leading up to it, and the intense psychological/spiritual trials that Hal faces in the book, it seemed only fair to post also his victory over the chaotic forces of his own psyche.

A few interesting things about this image of victory:
~The squidman does not entirely explode: just his head (the source of the chaos).
~The head explodes, not with fire and lightning, but with bubbles--possibly there was nothing really there at all. In any case, the explosion does not cause harm to those around him, it merely bursts the bubble. It actually seems to explode like an overblown balloon: it appears to have gotten bigger and bigger until it just popped with a huge noise.
~The sound word, PsycaBOOOMM!!--another of Seth's words--is not only the sound, but actually part of the explosion.
~The explosion, or the fact that Hal actually flew into his mouth--sends the squidman reeling backwards, so the thrust of the energy of the image goes diagonally from bottom left to top right. Diagonal lines, and diagonal flow of energy, always has more movement than horizontal and vertical flow. There are no vertical or horizontal lines in this image. The circles are calming, but the energy is all outwards.

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