Monday, November 17, 2008

Willworld pages 80-81

This is a few pages earlier than the last one I posted. It is a two page spread of what happens as the Land of Odd is destroyed and the forces of chaos seem to be consuming everything. All the citizens, head police, soldiers, and creatures of Odd are trying to escape the apolcalyptic destruction. The one person who seems the most--mmm--personal, I guess I would say, is the one at the bottom left of the large picture, with the mohawk and the nose jewelry who is looking out and grasping with his hand toward the reader. For some reason that person reminds me of Seth, not Seth's looks, but Seth's art. He has an intimate association with the reader; he is making an attempt to climb out of the page and relate to the reader; he seems to be asking the reader for help.
That device is occasionally used in post-Renaissance art, where some person in the foreground who is not the main subject reaches out or looks squarely at the observer. The idea was to bring the observer into the painting, to make it nearly impossible to turn away. It works, I think. Many things are happening in this picture; the World as They Know It is being crushed. We see this one person appealing for mercy, and we feel involved.

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