Tuesday, November 18, 2008


David Mazzuchi, a friend of Seth's from Japan, recently sent me these drawings of Seth's. He said that Seth had given them to him to make into T-shirts, but he never did it, and so now he was giving them to me to have in the archives. It was kindly done. I am glad to have all of Seth's work in one place as much as possible, so that we can put it in order for posterity.
I showed these to Hisako, who said that Seth originally did them for someone who asked him for tattoo designs.
They all have a bit of the look of Native American symbolic art. I didn't find them particularly interesting at first, but on second and third look there is a lot going on in each one, and it all works together. Now I like them a lot. The toothy lizard-like image at bottom left could also be an ornate capital P. Each one of them seems like something that could be used along with text, if we only had the right text.

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