Thursday, November 20, 2008

Man of 1000 Noses

I have just a little time today, so I thought I'd post a drawing that I hadn't posted before. Seth chose this image for the cover for a small book of his (non copyrighted) drawings to sell for a few bucks at Comic Con 2005. We made some more copies to sell last year at Secret Headquarters, and are planning to make some more when we can find a way to make them cheap but a little nicer than just Kinko's copies. The books are just random drawings that Seth did for other than Marvel or DC. Full of his quirky humor and delight in wierdness.
I love this guy's polka-dot shirt, chest hair (of course!), and the band-aid on his chin, I presume from shaving. He must get around by smell more than sight, because the noses take up so much of his visual field.

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