Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Willworld page 44

Inside Headquarters.
This page is kind of an all-over pattern, like Seth's tessellations, though it doesn't have the same quality of fitting together with other pages. Once again, like the image we saw yesterday, this is a view of the inside of someone's mouth, but this time the mouth belongs to the large Easter-Island-like statue from page 42, if you have a copy of the comic book. (I didn't post that one.)

The faces on the heads are all different, though they are all threatening, ominous, male, and mostly bald. One has a miner's helmet, one has glasses, and one has a monocle with the squinty look that goes with wearing one. A couple of them are on long fat necks, like electric eels. The heads are floating about in the structures that make up the inside of a body. This image, like the one I posted on September 4, foreshadows Big in Japan to a certain extent, where Sue and Iron Man roam around inside the body of the Apocalypse Beast. But this is much more the content of a nightmare, the realities only serving to make the bad dream worse.


Brian said...

Thanks for keeping this page up. I really love Seth's art. It's great seeing the page of pencils a day.

Vicki said...

Thank you for the encouragement; I always wonder who reads these posts. Actually they are not pencils. These are the final inks that Seth sent to the publishers. All that was left undone was the colors.