Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Willworld page 43

None of you my dear readers, are probably old enough to remember Senor Wences, who used to do his act on the old Ed Sullivan show. He was a ventriloquist, and he had a cast of characters who never failed to amuse us when I was growing up. One of the elements of his act was the hand that had makeup on it like the hand in this page, though his hand had a doll body as well. Maybe when Seth was a child I made up my hand like that once or twice for him, or maybe he found Senor Wences himself, or maybe there was some other source for his inspiration, but this hand giving directions seems to be straight from the fertile imagination of the charming Senor.
The other striking element on this page is the view of Mu Fon, Kelly, and the angel Glance inside Hal's mouth. It looks quite dangerous in the picture, but we remember that they are all friends and so the teeth, though they look like a prison, are keeping them safe. Who, besides your dentist, knows what your mouth looks like from the inside? But this looks right to me.

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