Monday, September 15, 2008

Willworld page 41

Did I say that another page was my favorite one in this book? Hmmm. This one too.

I love how the eraserhatted stormtrooper with the glass welding visor comes through erasing everything in his path. Do all the characters KNOW that they are only drawings on paper? How transitory life is! How easy it is to wipe out what you have assumed was permanent!
Seth excelled in images like this, that are both horrifying and comical.
Once again the throwaway details give life to the image: half a rat in the house on the other side of the erasure, and half a goldfish tank. On this side, a looter holding a computer has had his legs erased at the buttocks. The eraser does not erase cleanly (They never do.): there is rolled up street just in front of it.
I think this image, by the way, like many others, comes off better in the original black and white drawing than it does in color.

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