Saturday, September 13, 2008

Willworld page 40: Rhinoman and others

I love this page. I guess there are some pages in Willworld that I don't love as much as others, but this one is another particular favorite. I love the scene at the top, where we are looking down on the city from above, and Hal's face is peeking from around the corner of what looks like a bell tower, but must be something else. Details in that top frame: the small scene on the mesa that is dwarfed by the buildings, where a couple of people are sitting in front of what looks like an ancient temple of some sort. Beside them there is a large artichoke-shaped thing: plant or building, it is hard to tell, but there is a huge insect that either lives there or is part of it.
The bottom frame has many people of many different races and species rioting. The prominent rhinoman at the center reminds me of the rhinoboy that Seth drew probably while he was living in Japan the first time, 1994--98, or shortly thereafter. He did a lot of friendly half-human, half-animals for his English classes at that time.
The other people running and looting: the ninja fighter, the foot in levis with a bandaid on its heel, the three fat lizard-type creatures, and many others. All of them have their own costumes and means of ambulation and their own personalities.

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