Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nimbus booklet, page 5

Seth's captions for this image:
"The Technology: The airship cities are like huge self sufficient ecosystems. They have food production and animal cultivation on board the ships too. Its really up to you how much detail we go into on these points. I think its pretty fun to come up with ideas for how they survive.

"This is a more recent rendition of a blimp ship fitted with solar collection panels."

He also talked about the story. Below is what he said about the setting for it. You can see what I meant yesterday about his interest in physics and mathematics.
" The Big Problem: The power needed to run these huge airships comes mostly from electrical energy harvested from thunderstorms. A gradual imbalance of electrical energy in the clouds, it seems, is causing atmospheric changes and is slowly thinning the air. Year by year the ships are being forced to fly lower into more and more turbulent winds. At first people were unwilling to admit it, but now it is beyond question and something must be done or the human race will go extinct."

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