Monday, August 11, 2008

Nimbus booklet, page 4

Seth's caption for this image is this:
"Inside one of the blimp cities. Its kind of like Deep Space 9 or Babylon 5 but in a more medieval way. Basically we get to mix all the cultural references that we want to into one new world. It'll be fun."

I just looked again at the story proposal that Seth sent to some people at DC (I think that's where they were). I got the caption for this picture from that proposal. There are a lot of ideas there, a well-conceived construct for the basic setting, and he had a lot of ideas for plots as well, though he didn't write them all down. Mathematics and Physics came so naturally to him that he has planned out how the people live, what they use for fuel, how it all works together. It makes as much sense as the things that happen in Star Trek: all the little details that you don't quite understand, but they sound as though they should work.

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