Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nimbus booklet, page 6

Seth's caption for this picture says: "The leader of Nimbus and some of his groupies."

He says in his presentation that he originally was thinking of this as a movie, with a conflict and a movie-style quick resolution, but that in fact he thought the story should be more nuanced and resolutions not so easily come by. He was hoping that someone would catch hold of his ideas and be as excited and interested as he was, and make it happen. I think he wanted to have his time free to do the artwork for the project; he could have done it all, but when? He was SO full of ideas, his notebooks were packed with germs of ideas for stories. I am sure that he knew that most, maybe 99.something percent of them would never come to fruition, but he kept his creative energies loose by continually conceiving ideas for stories.

He did write a dozen or so stories, plots for comic books. A couple of them he finished in a very polished way. It would be so nice to find someone able to make them into the kind of work Seth imagined. No one could do it as he would, of course, but collaborations between two people of imagination and insight often produce work that is better than either of them could have come up with on his own.

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