Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happydale mini page 2

This mini comic is wordless, as Seth either didn't want to or didn't know how to do the word balloons. Or he just wanted to show how well he could tell a story without words.
So we have a stranger wandering into Happydale, with its collection of characters, and stopping for gas at the Pit Stop, where he goes inside to pay.
It is a pleasure to see work that is not only Seth's art, but where Seth was free to put in his own details: the goats that hang out at the gas station, the old guy (I have forgotten his name) in his bathrobe and mouse slippers sitting in front of the convenience store reading Beowulf, the sign in the window that says, "We have worms", and the partial details that show that this town is fully realized even though we can't see it all.

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