Friday, August 1, 2008

Happydale mini page 3

I don't need to go over the story. Since it has no words, no words are necessary.
But some of the details are worth a closer look. The top left panel has our stranger coming into the convenience store where he is at the front of the image, but with his back to us, so we are seeing what he is seeing: the layout of the store, and the clerk tending to a small boy. The store is fully realized, you could draw a map of it if you needed to, from the two large panels. The second of three upper right panels has him peering into a cooler of soda bottles (all with lift-off caps!), and the third of those three shows him a second or two later, but from a top shelf a little ways away.
These themes: varying points of view and completeness of the setting, are things that Seth continued to use and develop throughout his work. It is interesting that in his very earliest work they were part of his toolbag. He applied both of these consciously to his work: it was what he admired in illustration work, and so he wanted his own work to show as well.

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