Monday, June 9, 2008

Batman SNOW 196 page 4

Seth's image of the ghost of Mr. Freeze's wife is very different from how I might have pictured her. No diaphanous gown trailing off in the breeze. No translucent sylph here. This is a ghost in a stiff flower-shaped gown, with a large egg of a hat. She IS sprinkling down stars and hovering off the ground, but she is quite solid and round, not just a scrap of silk with a face.

Note the store in the background that says SETH'S C--what? comic shop? There is a comic book store in the foreground, so maybe something else, say, Candy Shop, or Car Parts, or Cat Wash. We'll never know. All in the interests of making the scene seem like a real one with little unexplained details, like a photo with something off subject in the background.


Anonymous said...

I think it's "Seth's Cafe". Here is my reasoning: there is a comic shop opposite, so it's unlikely to be another one; the letter after the 'C' has the beginning of a diagonal slope, like an 'A'; the shop front itself has the shutter down over half the shop front (like a cafe might, or some other place where it would be nice to look in/out, thus maybe not a garage).

Perhaps not conclusive, but since there may be no right answer, then that's my theory!

Vicki said...

Seth's Cafe sounds very reasonable. I am tickled that you spent the time to look carefully at the picture to find out what he meant--or suggested. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

It was a welcome break from exam marking!