Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ff/Iron Man: Big in Japan 4 pages 11-12

Back to Big in Japan. Seth made scans of all the pages he did for Marvel because he didn't send them the originals: they were all sent digitally. With all the work he did for DC, he physically sent the pages in, so the only scans he had were of ones he was going to try & sell. I made photos of some of them, but not all. Eventually I would like to get them all scanned and on a disc as well as on the computer.

This two-page image shows what the group finds inside the Beast's underground--er, palace? -temple? There is this great wall painting, like what might be found in an ancient Egyptian tomb or palace. It seems to tell the story of the Beast's early life, though once again we have something that is shown but not completely explained. Seth did say in the notes that he wrote to the editors that early in the Beast's existence he had an eye on the end of his tongue, but later (you can see it in the wall painting) that eye is gone. He seems to have been mistreated in a number of ways in his early life. Did those things drive him mad and make him so destructive?

Besides the invention of an early life for the Apocalypse Beast, drawn in an appropriately primitive kind of art, Seth shows in the bottom left frame a completely different kind of drawing--of a curving helix-shaped conveyor belt, between the viewer and where Reed and Johnny are standing before the ancient drawing, which we now see is on a curved, not a flat wall.
We may take for granted the amount of information Seth could get into one page until we analyze it and realize that not all artists do it that way.


Anonymous said...

Great page, Vicki. I think you're right: few people realise the amount of work and preparation that can go into a page (especially one of Seth's). I love the bottom-left panel, and the skill at depicting the 3d space (especially the slide!). Great page.

j_ay said...

Wow. Catching up on the last 2 months has been rather exhausting. I *so* much love looking at Seth’s original black and white work…so much to look at.
Thanks for the continued posts, Vicki.
I hope many, many people make it into the exhibition and are bewildered and dazzled.

Now I want to draw again (which I haven’t in some weeks)
Seth Fisher = Genius.