Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Reality is tearing! FF/Iron Man: Big in Japan 3, page 12

So how DO you show what happens when Reality tears?
Well, each of the people in this picture is shown at least 4 times, in different drawing styles, with their limbs on and off, and their eyes bulging and closed, their bodies right-side-up and upside-down, with things falling apart behind them (the World As We Know It, I assume). Reed, with his stretchy body, is particularly effective at expressing the inexpressible. The humans are all packed together at the bottom of the page for maximum effect, while the fingers that form the wall holding back Chaos crumble and bend, with Seth Fisher sound effects thrown in for good measure. I love 5D MEGA GOURB! And you can't leave out INTERSTELLAR ZWANG. Not to mention !PORQNK!

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Geoffo said...

One of my favorite episode made by Seth Fisher.

He just mastered his art in theses pages.

thousands thanks you, as always.