Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Enter the Apocalypse Beast FF/Iron Man: Big in Japan 3, pages 15-16

The Apocalypse Beast finally comes on the scene, and he really is a visual tour de force. With a giant mouth housing a whole other face whose nose is the beast's tongue, with giant eyeballs in the place of breasts, and another virulent looking mouth in the middle of the belly, he is both comical and nightmarish. He tears the fabric of Reality right down its cozy middle, exposing what appear to be rows and rows of teeth, looking neither benevolent nor malevolent, industrial rather: something not to be reasoned with. It is that lack of reason that is scary and wierd.

Once again we have sound effects, or whatever they are: maybe not actual sounds, but more expressions of wierdness, another comic expression of the inexpressible.

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