Monday, May 12, 2008

Ff/Iron Man: Big in Japan 3 page 11

In the dialogue at the bottom of the page Reed says," I think reality is going to tear!!!"
How on earth does one show in a picture the prospect of the tearing of Reality?
Seth has done a few things:
All the Fantastic Four are shown in body positions of shock and pain, with facial expressions of horror.
Shadow man's body stretches from top to bottom of the page, and his body position also says Shock, as a giant fingernail comes out of nowhere starting to tear the page at the top.
There is a giant eyeball that takes up the lower fourth of the page. (Why do out-of-place eyeballs always express horror? Maybe because an eye is so delicate, and so always protected. When it is exposed we are physically horrified, I think.)
Then there are eyes floating about the whole picture.
We see the shapes that had heretofore been flat against the wall now protruding from the wall as though the universe were producing a new (5th? 6th?) dimension.
In the last image of the page (lower right), just before we turn the page, we see Reed with his neck twisted 180 degrees, as he says, "...tear!!!"
I suppose that anyone who had been given the assignment of illustrating, in comic book fashion, the oncoming tearing of Reality would come up with some sort of metaphors to describe it. Seth's drawing is so intricate, his metaphors are so mathematically precise, his images so physical that it would seem impossible for him to draw something so non-visual as this concept. But he loved this sort of challenge, loved to draw the impossible, and was willing to reach back into his subconscious for visual images to express things that were inexpressible.

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