Monday, March 3, 2008

Totem pole: SNOW #193 page 9

Here is one Seth-ism that the editors did NOT take out. It seems that they did not actually ask Seth to change anything himself; they just took out what they deemed unsuitable themselves if they could do it without ruining the page. I suspect that the whole SNOW package just sat on someone's desk for a year or so and got pushed this way and that because they didn't really have a timeline for it. It wasn't connected to any other stories, and it was a bit of an experiment. Then when they decided to print it, Seth was on to something else, and if they asked him he didn't have time. Anyway, taking out this big a piece of the page would have left a large, unwieldy white space, so--untraditional though it may be--the totem pole of Batman's helpers stayed.

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