Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Batman's cape: SNOW #193 page 3

When Seth was first working on Batman, he tried to find a look that was enough within the norm to be acceptable, but enough different to be his own. As I have said before, this is the first Batman I have ever really looked at, so I don't know very well just what the conventions are. But I do know that he experimented with the look of the cape. He decided to have it made out of some diaphanous fabric and have it much more voluminous than--say--Superman's cape. The sketch shows an early idea of what it might look like, and this page shows that sketch used in the story. There are a few other pages where the shape and texture of the cape is very evident, and I'll post them soon.

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bgudna said...

now this is a real treat! it´s always very special to see an artist personal sketchbook! you can sort get a glimpse of what the person was thinking and wondering at that given time, much more intimate than any client work could ever be :D thanks so much for this, and hope there´ll be more glimpses like this :)