Friday, February 29, 2008

Innocent li'l me: SNOW #194 page 22

In this gorgeous page that tells the story with such finesse and charm, we first see Batman sitting like a junior high school boy in the principal's office, unhappily waiting for the tirade he knows is coming. In the bottom center panel he expresses his innocence, "Who, me? How could you say such things to a sweet guy like me?", and Seth gives him a halo and a couple of hearts to make his protestations of innocence even sweeter. For our editors, bless their bones, the hearts and halo were another step over the line, and so they were removed, though fortunately, they didn't ask Seth to change his "Who me?" expression, or the worried schoolboy pose of the first panel.

1 comment:

Gareth said...

Great page indeed! I also love the flames around Gordon.

It's a really brave way to draw, I think; it's much easier to play it safe - especially on such a big gig (at least most artists would think it was). It's a lesson to us all.