Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tokyo and Batman sketches

This particular page of Seth's sketchbook has him working out both Batman and Tokyo right next to each other. He was drawing both of them at the same time at least part of the time. Batman took him a long time to finish; as I mentioned before, it seemed to be an extra project, and the DC editors didn't give Seth a deadline on it at all. I remember when he was beginning the work on Tokyo--it was while he was living here in San Diego in late 2001/early 2002. Then he moved to Japan and finished it there. But the sketchbook starts with Batman, so he must have received that assignment first. I know he finished those pages while he was living in Japan, because Hisako says that she got to draw squiggles for the afro of one of the characters in the book.
In the sketchbook, there are many more pages of Tokyo than there are of Batman. Seth worked out the look of almost every frame in the sketchbook before he put them on the official drawing boards. The page on the right shows the very first page of the series, a partial map of Tokyo that curves into a 3-d image of some of the buildings. Tomorrow I'll show the end result of that idea.

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j_ay said...

I’ll be flippin’ through those issues tonight looking for Hisako’s squiggles!