Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tokyo 1 page 24

I couldn't upload the image I have that I said yesterday I would post. It is in a format that Blogger doesn't accept. So I am posting this page, volume 1, page 24, from the Vertigo Pop Tokyo series, and the page from Seth's sketchbook that corresponds to it. It's not a very good scan, but if you look you can see the working out of most of the poses from the page here, the two mid-level panels where Steve is trying to hold Maki back, and where the players all face off for a showdown. The big panel at the bottom is worked out on the following page of the sketchbook.


j_ay said...

That’s all the more incredible if Seth worked *that* loosely (basically little more than stick figures) and went directly to the art board.

We’ve seen several rather tight (heavily worked on) preliminary drawings for FF/Iron Man, so was this a later approach from Seth, to work on drawings finely on separate paper and then transfer them to the board?

Vicki said...

Seth always made tight pencils before he inked them, and this project came before FF/Iron Man. I think the big thing here is just that he worked out each panel schematically, at the graphic design level, before he did the final drawings on the illustration board.