Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Batman SNOW 193 page 5

Seth gave a separate page to each of the people Batman invited to be part of his team. Each page has a different feel, depending on the personality of the person being invited. This page especially has a quirky and surprising detail in each panel.
The first panel is shot from a bird's eye point of view, so we can see the small and stifling place where Luis lives. But it also gives us the impression that Batman has descended from where we are looking down to the balcony to visit him.
The second panel has the amusing shot of Batman's feet, pointing away from the face of Luis, showing with one simple detail his movement up and away from Luis. Though it looks to me like he is dangling in the air, as if holding onto a balloon. (Does Batman always wear flat-soled boots? These look comfortable, but far from dashing.)
The third panel has Batman leaping to the edge of the balcony--his swirling cape taking up a good third of the space--and letting loose a swarm of bats that presumably were previously sitting quietly in his mind, Luis stands there in his sunflower apron looking helpless and ineffectual.
In the next panel Batman's card changes hands, then the last panel shows him climbing the wall, a man with abundant skill, confidence, powers, and that great cape.

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j_ay said...

Seth’s Batman does seem to prefer comfortable footwear over practical.

From what little I’ve seen most artists give Bats a combat boot type of boot.

I love the bats. Too cool!