Friday, March 28, 2008

Ff/Iron Man: Big in Japan 1 page 22

Thank you Rick, for mailing me this preliminary sketch, which I am posting along with the final drawing. It is somewhat surprising how little was changed from the original idea to the finished presentation. The sound word, CROM, was added later, as were the insets in the upper left and lower right. The monster insets have that big-head cartoon look that Seth was pleased to give them at odd times when they are being showcased. In this page, it makes them look like angry but ineffectual toy monsters, railing against something much larger and more dangerous, though the hand coming through the wall appears to belong to our friend Ben Grimm.
Much of this series is a sort of ordered chaos, exemplified by this page. Buildings are in mid-crash, monsters are in threat mode, havoc is being wreaked, but it is all pretty fun.
By the way, Seth also signed this page. I'm not sure how he chose which ones to sign.


Richard said...

Hey Mrs. Fisher,

That hand actually belongs to the rightmost monster of the quartet. Look close at his hand and you can see the same plate pattern.



Vicki said...

Oh, I see. You are more observant than I. And that makes a lot more sense.

Vicki said...

No, wait a minute. In the next issue, on page 8, we have a close-up of that monster's hand, and it has no plates.

j_ay said...

Thanks for sharing the preliminary, Rick.

Incredible page. Mind numbing.

I keep meaning to go back and look but Seth may have signed a few of the “splash” pages (no panels, just one big drawing per page (sometimes stretching to 2 pages)).
A few other artists do this too.