Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ff/Iron Man: Big in Japan 2 page 4

Did Seth invent the look of these four starring monsters, or are they ones that have been around before this? I am presuming that they are his own inventions, except that he was probably told that one should be a gorilla-like creature.
On this page again he has drawn the protagonists as little big-head people. He does it from time to time in this series, actually many times, even drawing the monsters that way on occasion, and making them cute at the same time. He was interested in how much the modern Japanese aesthetic appreciates Cuteness. It was something that appealed to him as an aesthetic premise, maybe because it is so nonWestern. Cuteness is so exceedingly popular in Japan that Americans sometimes think that Japanese youth are childish. But that's not it exactly. American youth fashion often is inspired by the ghetto; Japanese youth fashion draws some of its inspiration from preteen girl tastes.


Richard said...

I'm under the impression that the monsters were visually created by Seth. I don't think they were existing characters.


Vicki said...

Thanks Rick. I wouldn't have known.

j_ay said...

Marvel does have some monsters in their extensive catalogue, but these are oh-so TOTALLY Seth.