Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bob's Amazing Life

Have I posted this image before? If I have, no matter. This little book is being reprinted, and will be available sometime next week. Anyone who wants a copy will be able to purchase it for around $12. Write me c/o this website if you are interested.
The folks at Secret Headquarters had a couple hundred copies printed up for the show there, and they sold out. But a friend of mine, who has a store here in Coronado where she sells beautiful and unique things, fell in love with the book, and she ordered some to sell at her shop. When they sold, she asked Dave at SHQ if he could have some more printed for her. Bless his heart, he did, and they will be ready soon.

Seth put this little book together just before or after his son Tofu was born. While he was in utero, he was referred to as "Bob". So the book was written in his honor. It's about a slug who does most unsluglike things, like wear shoes and juggle. His father worries about him, but eventually Bob draws his father and others to appreciate his skills. It is all so very Seth!


j_ay said...

Very much recommended to all Seth fans!
(Thanks again Vicki!)

Nice to know Bob will be back in print.

jon said...

that's funny - before my son was born i was calling him 'Dalton' - but his name would really be Owen,
but 'Bob' is a good name too,