Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Cicada Illustrations

Here are three more illustrations from the same issue of Cicada (Jan/Feb 2005), from a story called "Going Harvey in the Big House" about a highly regimented post-apocalyptic world. Seth used flat computer shading in these drawings, which is one of the things that gives these pictures a very different feel from the gentler ones that I posted yesterday. He worked to make his illustrations fit with the texture of the story. This was true of his children's illustrations and with his comic book work as well.
When he drew for Cicada, usually they gave him two stories in the same issue to illustrate. When I commented on that, he said he thought it was their policy. However, I don't think that other illustrators had the same policy applied to them. I do think they felt they could trust Seth both to come up with pictures that fit the mood of a variety of stories, and to do it on time.


j_ay said...

I love the diversity!

How many issues did Seth contribute to?
On the site I don’t see a ‘back issues’ option, but I will inquire about purchasing these once I know how many I need to get!

Vicki said...

Mmm, good question. Somewhere I have a list of all the issues of Cricket and Cicada that Seth drew for. I'll have to find it and get back to you Jay.