Friday, February 22, 2008

Big in Japan #1 pages 6-7

In Big in Japan, Marvel gave Seth the freedom to do some of the unusual stylistic things he wanted. One of them is shown in this page, where he shows his whole staff of characters with roughly the same size ratio of head to body as the Peanuts characters. He wanted to draw them this way every once in a while to make it clear that this is a cartoon story and is not to be taken too seriously. He tried to draw Batman and his crew like this in one or two places (in the margins, so it would be a little more subtle) but those drawings were removed from the final printing. Batman fans may not be as understanding of stylistic frippery as the readers of Fantastic Four, and DC was not willing to take the chance.
By the way, the Kanji over the door reads: Entrance.


j_ay said...

This is my favourite Seth project. Every panel is a *colossal* treat.

Damn shame the DC editors didn’t allow for a bit more fun in the Batman story, but without the obvious playfulness it’s still a visual masterpiece.

Jon said...

i love that page