Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Doom Patrol #14 page 20

Tip 15 again: Use seams and pattern to show depth without shadow

One person who loved this page (hey Jason!) said that he loved the fact that Seth was willing to draw all those stones in the stone wall. In fact there are several pages that take place in this same scene, and the stones in the wall are never skimped on. Seth didn't use much solid black, but he also did not want to do crosshatching, or draw lines to indicate darkness. Every line in his drawing was correlated to some Thing in the scene, the stitching on the man's down jacket, the edges of the rocks, the lines of bark on the tree. He used the details on the props in the scene to give depth, as he said, to his panels. The variety of textures makes the page visually interesting, regardless of the story.


j_ay said...

That is a great wall. I love the texture lines on the big, gnarled tree (that roots into rocks!). And how that tree has little ‘kids’ (mini-me-trees) scattered around him.

bgudna said...

i´ve been a fan of seth´s for a long time now and just stumbled on this blog, and i am loving it!
great tribute to a great guy, also love the tips and background info, it´s really inspiring stuff!

Vicki said...

Thank you. I appreciate your letting me know that you like it. Looking at his work carefully enough to write something about it has shown me how much I missed before. I never realized before how VERY much attention he put into all the elements of every page.